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Big Island Inter-island Travel Reopens!

Date: 10/20/2020 | Read County Release

Amendment #2 to Mayor Harry Kim’s COVID-19 Emergency Rule No. 12 adopts two negative test exception choices for inter-island travelers entering the County of Hawaiʻi. 

1. A pre-travel negative test exception that will follow the State’s transpacific travel testing program. 

2. A negative test exception that will allow inter-island travelers to present a negative COVID-19 test result taken during their 14-day self-quarantine after arrival on Hawaiʻi Island to be released from quarantine. 

Both negative test exceptions will be integrated into the State’s Safe Travels Program

Negative test exceptions: Pre-test with negative COVID-19 results upon arrival: Persons five years or older traveling to Hawaiʻi County who provide written confirmation of a negative test result from a State approved COVID-19 test administered to the traveler within 72 hours prior to arrival into Hawaiʻi County are exempt from quarantine. Children under the age of five traveling with parents or guardians who have negative test results are exempt from quarantine. “State approved COVID-19 test” means a test to determine the presence of active COVID-19 infection that has been approved for use under the Department of Health.

Pre-test with no results upon arrival: Persons who avail themselves to a pre-test but do not have their results upon arrival are subject to quarantine in accordance with Exhibit B Section 4(c) of the 14th Proclamation, but may submit their negative test result to the State by uploading such verification to

Post-Arrival test: Persons subject to the 14-day self-quarantine may arrange for and break self-quarantine to receive an approved COVID-19 test while in mandatory self-quarantine. Those persons who provide written confirmation of a negative test result from a State approved COVID-19 test will be removed from quarantine. Negative test results must be submitted to the State by uploading such verification to
Written acceptance of the negative test results will allow the traveler to no longer be subject to quarantine.

Place of Quarantine: Persons requiring paid or commercial lodging while subject to the mandatory 14-day self-quarantine shall designate a hotel or motel as their quarantine location. Short-term vacation rentals (STVR), bed and breakfast (B&B) establishments, or other paid or commercial lodging defined by the Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes as “transient accommodations” shall not be designated as a quarantine location except for visiting essential and critical infrastructure workers, provided quarantine restrictions are followed.

Persons shall bear all costs related to their inter-island pre-travel and post-arrival testing, however, County district testing will be available at no cost.

All inter-island travelers are required to create a profile on the Safe Travels website. Visit for details and to create your profile

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