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Big Island Sustainable Living Guide

Onions Growing in Volcanic Soil
Onions Growing in Volcanic Soil

Onions Growing in Volcanic Soil

From electric cars to the farm to fork movement, we’ve written a lot of articles about the Big Island and sustainable living over the years.  Nowhere else in the US is sustainable living more important than Hawaii.  For decades we have been reliant on the mainland instead of ourselves.  Learn what you can do to help Hawaii stand on its own.

Below are some great articles we’ve posted about Big Island Farmer’s Markets, compost making, and more.

Big Island Farm to Fork: Instead of eating what local farmers produce we often opt for foreign grown ingredients like Idaho potatoes.  Instead of growing staple foods farmers usually grow cash crops for exports like macadamia nuts and exotic fruits.  But all that has to change if we are ever going to be self-sufficient.

Small Islands, Big Conservation:  Hawaii’s native forest coverage has declined significantly and Hawaiian forests are now categorized as endangered.  Hawaii’s fishing industry has declined 75% over the last century.  Read more about the The Nature Conservancy and what you can do to help with conservation on the Big Island.

How Green is Your Thumb?  If you want to have a beautiful garden and you want to curb your yearly waste disposal, then stop putting it off and start making compost.  In our guide we’ll teach you how to easily start producing your own compost.

Organic Feast, Photo by T-Dawg

Organic Feast, Photo by T-Dawg

Big Island Bees: Did you know more than 80% of our food supply is dependent on honeybees?  Would you like to save the bees and help Hawaii sustain its food production?  Read this informative article about bees and how you can help save them from extinction.

Big Island Farmers Markets:  Wondering where to find farmers’ markets on the Big Island?  This guide will tell you about some of the best places to get food directly from the growers.

If you’d like more information about local community events oriented towards sustainable living, please get in touch with us at MacArthur Sotheby’s International Realty.

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