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Making Your Home Fit For Fitness

You may do great at the gym, but the current shelter in place closures, the normal commute time, equipment that is used by others, the crowd of people, or other factors can be motivation enough to feel like working out at home might be a better fit for you.

Many feel that they don’t have space at home to properly workout, or they simply can’t afford the needed equipment. But nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, with a minimal amount of room and a modest investment in a few essentials, you can create a slam-dunk fitness area in your own home.

Follow the link for our full Venture Home Magazine article that will give you an easy breakdown of the equipment you need, exercise mat, resistance bands, etc. Along with tips on what part of the home will be the perfect area to set up your home fitness spot, whether you are in a large single-family home or studio apartment, this article is for you!

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