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Make Way for Outdoor Dining

Summer 2020

The Tri-Valley has many local restaurants opening for outdoor dining! To allow for as many patrons as possible, while still following CDC guidelines, many downtowns in the area are closing down their streets to vehicles and opening up to more dining. Here are how a few cities are changing up their downtowns to fit the changing times.


Pleasanton has implemented their “A Weekend on Main – Downtown Reactivation”. Main Street will be closed Friday afternoons through Sunday evenings starting at 4 PM Fridays and ending at 8 PM Sundays. The street closure will follow this format every weekend through August 9th depending on future allowances and regulations from ACPHD. This will allow for restaurants to gain back some much-needed space.

Full Downtown Pleasanton Information Here


The Danville Town Council approved a set of limited street closures to allow restaurants to expand their outdoor seating to accommodate for the closure of indoor dining through the end of the month. The closures are set for three months, but that time frame can be modified depending on social distancing requirements.

The areas affected by the temporary closures are:

Church Street
W. Linda Mesa Avenue
Parking spaces on Hartz Avenue
Parking space on Rose St.

Full Downtown Danville Information Here


First Street Closure Friday Through Sunday — ​To help welcome the community to Downtown and create more space for foot traffic, First Street will be closed to vehicles from Maple to Livermore Avenue and from Livermore Avenue to L Street starting mid-morning this Friday and continuing through the weekend. J and K Streets will also be closed between First Street and Second Street during that time.

Full County Information here


Fremont has started its Pop-Up Patio Pilot Program, to assist in making outdoor dining easier for both restaurants and customers. Many restaurants are now open for outdoor dining with extended outdoor space.

Full Fremont Information here

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