2020 Achievement Awards

February, 4, 2021

The Path to Chairman’s Circle

This year marks the second annual Chairman’s Circle Achievement Awards for Venture Sotheby’s International Realty. With four categories of award recognition, Venture Sotheby’s International Realty presented thirty-nine agents with this prestigious recognition based on the agents’ total contributions in 2020. The four levels of recognition are Gold, Platinum, President’s Circle, and Chairman’s Circle; Chairman’s Circle being the highest level of recognition. A special congratulations to Joseph Sabeh Jr., Stacy Gilbert, Susan Schall, Stephany Jenkins, Molly Harris, Kai Ioh, and Doreen Trudeau for achieving Chairman’s Circle for 2020.

2020 was a year full of uncertainty, and with this came constant changes to the real estate market, our agents showed incredible adaptability and perseverance, and finished out the year stronger than ever. Congratulations to all of our agents who, year after year, consistently achieve outstanding results and serve clients with dedication and excellence.

Chairman’s Circle Winners:


Molly Harris

Kai Ioh

Doreen Trudeau


Joseph Sabeh Jr.

Stacy Gilbert

Susan Schall

Stephany Jenkins

President’s Circle Winners:


Kathy Christiansen

Michele Paape

Garrett Gresham

Cindy Griffey

Gayle Ching

Diandra Dickinson

Rose Delfin


Melissa Pederson

Staci Tate

Platinum Winners:


Brian Axelrod

Alethea Lai

Megan MacArthur

Stefanie Henderson

Kehaulani Stamm

Dahl Young

Pat Halpern


Judy Chen Pak

Sally Martin

Gold Winners:


Emil Knysh

Rob Decker

Mishi Clauberg

Patricia Collier

Cynthia Harrison

James Francis Hanley

Zita Annen

Kahili Hahn

Beverly Crudele


Kent Hu

Brian Gillman

Courtney Johnson

Carolynn Machi

Joan Sakyo

We are incredibly proud of our agents’ achievements and look forward to their continued success in 2021.