Waimea Hawaii – The Journey Begins

Waimea, Hawaii The journey begins!  In 1980 We moved our young family from Honolulu to the quaint little village of Waimea, no traffic signals, no fast food and less than 2000 people plus all the bonuses of being in Hawaii.   From any vantage point you could appreciate the spectacular beauty of Waimea’s rolling hills , it’s endless pasture lands and the larger than life volcanoes, which surround it……….Can you imagine all this and great schools too!…….What more could a young family desire than thousands of acres of open space, a small, diverse, welcoming community… and just a short flight away from the life we were leaving behind.

I have vivid memories of being on the phone (a positive addiction for realtors) looking out of my window and thinking where on earth could you possibly find comparable beauty…. it’s the Big Island…..amazing!  The move was not immediately joyful….We left our home for sale on Oahu in the hands of a colleague (always a good idea for realtors to have someone else sell their personal home) and my husband had stayed behind to pack.  So with visiting grandpa in hand, we took off  for Waimea (of course in those days we hadn’t  quite figured out why it had two names) Later we were informed by old-timers “if you live in Kamuela, you live in the post office…….we were straightened out pretty quickly……Back to our arrival…….Well now that the name Punahou has reached beyond the Rockies, understand that my husband’s Punahou classmate’s family owned a little house in the best area of town and it was available for us to rent……Imagine the faith or stupidity of a realtor renting a house sight unseen. Well it was a long time ago.  We arrived in Waimea late afternoon, my father-in-law, my nine year old daughter and her three year old brother and to this day I am not sure what the kids were thinking. It ‘ so often about mom and dad growing up and the lucky children get to go along on the journey. Imagine hunting cabin, not Montana style, not 7000 square feet, maybe 1000 square feet  and most likely not used for years or even visited.  A main room, and two bedrooms (8X8) with two sets of built-in bunks..The view of Waimea was to die for but everything else was a far cry from our charming Kahala home amd my daughter’s Laura Ashley bedroom and playroom and swimming pool and friends. Somehow, we still had our sense of humor and thank heaven for Grandpa, who rose to the occasion and suggested we head to the closest store for cleaning supplies and disinfectants. It was a long day and we were rather disheartened  but the three of us found  an old punee and rested our weary heads and as we fell off to sleep …they both clearly muttered….why did we have to leave our home??????  …to be continued

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